Door to Door Sales

Apex Systems, Inc., your local security alarm company since 1994 does not sell security systems door to door. If you are approached by a door to door salesman with a similar sounding company name, please remember they are not affiliated with our company.

If you currently have one of our security systems or your home has been pre-wired by us, a door to door salesman may say they are there to upgrade or finish your system. Our company would never come to your door unannounced to provide those services.

If you feel that any salesman has misrepresented who they are you can contact the Oregon Department of Justice to file a complaint at (877) 877-9392 or A complaint can also be made to the non-emergency phone number of your local police department.

On a side note, your safety is our first concern. If you choose to answer your door to any solicitor, always ask them to show you their credentials and business card. If a solicitor is reluctant to show you these, close your door and call the police as they may be posing as a genuine company in order to gain personal information or gain access into your home.

Please feel free to contact our office with questions or concerns at (541) 744-8949. Thank you.

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